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Topamax, manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical (Johnson & Johnson) is known as an anticonvulsant medication. Topamax has various uses but it is most commonly given to patients with epilepsy as a means to prevent seizures and also way to prevent migraines.

the-pill-360579-mHowever, these are not the only uses for this powerful anticonvulsant medication. There are a variety of off-label uses for Topamax, such as weight loss, treatment for headaches, cluster headaches, anxiety, treatment for bulimia nervosa, smoking cessation, and many other conditions. It is often given to teenage girls for weight control, bulimia, and even acne control, though there is no empirical evidence it works for that purpose. Continue reading

Cleft palate is a common birth defect in women who took Topomax during their pregnancy. According to research, the incidence of birth defects among women taking topiramate is higher than the birth defect rate in the rest of the population. Since half of pregnancies are unplanned, many women of childbearing age are on Topomax and not aware that they are pregnant. This could result in facial deformities, including cleft lip and cleft palate. While any birth defect is devastating and life altering a new cleft palate treatment has been approved that could help mothers and infants who have been injured by Topomax.

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According to reports, there are more than 4,000 cleft palate babies born every year in the United States. A new, non-invasive treatment may be available to treat these infants. Researchers indicate that the treatment is just as effective as the established method, but it is less invasive and expensive. Our birth defect attorneys in Boston are dedicated to advocating for victims whose lives have been altered by hazardous drugs. We are also abreast of developments in the medical community to help survivors of Topomax and other dangerous products.
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Plaintiffs suffering from Topamax birth defects received good news when two recent cases resulted in combined compensation of $15 million for victims. In one of the two recent cases, the plaintiff was awarded almost $11 million in damages from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Topamax and a division of Johnson & Johnson. In the second case, $4.02 million was awarded to a family whose child was born with a cleft palate after his mother took Topamax while pregnant. magic-pills-1418156-m.jpg

The Topamax verdicts were a positive sign for plaintiffs because large verdicts for victims can sometimes make drug companies more eager to offer fair settlements to individuals whose defective drug cases are still pending. However, in this case, Janssen Pharmaceuticals does not appear to have given in yet to accepting that it is likely to be found liable for injuries in courts. Instead, Janssen Pharmaceuticals has announced the company’s intent to appeal the verdicts against it. Our Boston defective drug lawyers know that the outcome of the appeals could shape how future Topamax claims are resolved since a loss in appellate court could make Janssen much more likely to move forward with settlement talks.
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The anti-seizure medication Topamax is one of the top selling medications in its class, and by 2008, had U.S. sales in excess of $10 billion. The medication, however, may be very dangerous for pregnant women and infants. Medical studies have shown that the risk of a child being born with a cleft palette increases drastically if a baby is exposed to Topamax in the womb during fetal development. The FDA also recognizes the link between Topamax and birth defects and, on March 4, 2011, informed the public of data showing that Topamax was linked to cleft palates. smile-884146-m.jpg

topamax plaintiff lawyers know that a cleft palate can have serious implications for a child. A cleft palate occurs when the baby’s natural body structures do not fuse correctly during gestation, resulting in a fissure or opening in the lip and palate. Children with a cleft palate can experience speech difficulties; hearing loss; dental problems; nasal problems and difficulty feeding. Multiple surgeries are often required to correct the cleft, which can be very costly. As a parent of a child with a cleft palate, it is important to take action to get money for cleft palate treatment. Many parents already have, and hundreds of Topamax lawsuits are pending.
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Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Topamax and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is facing more than 134 pending cases in a single court, as well as other claims nationwide, because of birth defects linked to the anti-seizure medication.

The company has had bad news in recent weeks as two claims that were brought to trial resulted in multi-million dollar jury verdicts for the plaintiff. The verdicts provide hope for plaintiffs with pending claims, but likely make Janssen Pharmaceuticals very nervous about the extent of liability that the company faces. golden-pill-1245005-m.jpg

Our Topamax attorneys in Boston know that the FDA has warned of the increased risk of an oral cleft palate in infants whose mothers take Topamax during pregnancy. The outcomes of the recent claims against Janssen Pharmaceuticals suggest that juries recognize the link between and expectant mother’s dosage and facial defects in newborn infants land seek to provide sufficient compensation for families to cover medical costs and other losses caused by the dangerous drug.
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