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Football teams regularly release injury reports during the season and even during the offseason.  Normally these reports are for players, but the Chiefs recently included head coach Andy Reid on the injured reserve, as he was forced to miss the NFL combine after having a total knee replacement operation, according to a recent news feature from CBS Sports.

file000480371600The NFL combine is the most important event of the offseason in terms of the upcoming draft of NCAA athletes. The combine involves a series of physical tests, medical evaluations, mental health evaluations, and player performance evaluations to determine what players a team should consider drafting and in which order.  There is very little reason why a head coach would want to miss the combine, but sometimes is is not possible to attend due to health issues. Continue reading

Knee replacement surgery is becoming more and more popular in the United States each and every year. While the procedure was traditionally done as an elective surgery for elderly patients who could no longer stand to live with their arthritis pain that had become quite severe, today, younger patients are having the procedure done to cope with arthritis and injury caused by athletic activities like long distance running.

surgeon-2-179919-mThere is no question that having a knee replaced is a major undertaking, and there is going to be great deal of pain and suffering during the recovery period. However, if the artificial knee itself was defectively designed, there is obviously a much higher chance patients will have significant complications, including a total device failure. This will cause the need for a second or Continue reading

There are a various reasons a person might have total knee replacement. Some suffer sports injuries. Others have incurred catastrophic injury, such as being in a serious car accident. Then there are those who suffer chronic issues, such as years of arthritis pain.

While a broken knee as a result of a serious car accident can lead to the need for a total knee replacement, the most common reason people see an orthopedic surgeon to consider an artificial knee implant is because they have been suffering from osteoarthritis for years, and the pain is at a point where it has become difficult to walk or do any of the tasks required for daily living.

hospital-corridor-3-65901-mAccording to a recent news feature from Reuters, a total knee replacement is being suggested as a way to “turn back the clock” on serious and painful osteoarthritis. Researchers have seen that after a patient undergoes a total knee replacement, he or she is likely to have substantially less pain and increased range of movement and leg function compared to the time prior to the operation. However, it is important to understand that, following a knee replacement to treat serious osteoarthritis, a patient will not feel as good as they did when they were young and pain free, but they may still feel a great deal better. Continue reading

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