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According to a recent news feature from, legendary coach and sports analyst John Madden is recovering from a total hip replacement operation.

Following his long coaching career that earned him induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, Madden spent many years in the broadcast booth.  One of his more famous traditions was covering the Thanksgiving Day game each year, and that was where he introduced most fans to the “turducken” meal.

or-room-lights-33324-mMadden had retired from broadcasting in 2008 due to serious health conditions he was experiencing at the time. The following year, he had a major heart surgery.  Despite his retirement, the coach takes part in a major charity event each year, along with Steve Mariucci.  He could not attend this year due to the fact that he was recovering from the total hip replacement surgery.  At the event this year, Mariucci reported that his friend was doing fine and was well on the road to recovery. Continue reading

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