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When we give our children food, we try to make sure they are eating healthy and well-balanced meals. This is especially important as childhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem and kids are spending more and more time watching television and playing videogames, than playing outside and getting exercise.


According to a recent news article from ABC, the maker of GoGo squeeZ has issued a voluntary recall of its kids applesauce packets and other snack products they manufacture after mold was discovered. Continue reading

These days, it is nearly impossible to walk down any aisle in the supermarket without seeing a product prominently labeled as being gluten free. This is because avoiding gluten is the lastest dieting/healthy-eating craze that is sweeping the nation.

oe0NkCiFor those that are not familiar with gluten, it is a protein compound found in wheat and other similar grains, such as rye and barley. Gluten is important in many baked goods, as it gives the elastic properties to dough and helps it rise. It also gives food a chewy texture that most people enjoy. Gluten is also an important source of protein for much or the world’s population and is added to a variety of foods. Continue reading

The Fourth of July and the surrounding days are lot of fun for families across the country. Many choose to invite friends and family over to their homes and have backyard cookouts. According to a recent feature from Food Safety News, there was food poisoning that led to the recall of nearly 30,000 pounds of beef. Specifically, there were concerns this beef was possibly contaminated with E. coli.

dangerous-goods-labels-1190894-mThe meat was all produced in the state of Colorado and was shipped to restaurants and retailers in various states. The company issued the recall on July 3, 2015 after learning of the possible contamination and hoped they would be able to keep anyone from getting sick from eating contaminated beef on Independence Day. Continue reading

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