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Many people are familiar with transvaginal mesh products.  They have likely seen the many commercials and magazine ads for transvaginal mesh implants and have also read about the many products liability lawsuits filed against medical device companies that manufactured these defective products.

handsHowever, transvaginal mesh (TVM) is not the only potentially problematic surgical mesh implant being used. All surgical mesh is a woven sheet of either organic or inorganic material that is implanted into the patient for the purpose of supporting tissue or organs. It can be for temporary use, where it will eventually dissolve, or it can be a permanent implant like the ones use in TVM surgery.
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Lawsuits against Atrium Medical Corp. for its C-QUR hernia mesh product alleging these devices were not safe for use by humans. hands

One of the most recent cases is one filed in Florida Middle District Court in Orlando just this past month. In his filing, which alleges negligent manufacturing and strict product liability, plaintiff alleges he underwent surgery in April 2013 to repair multiple hernias. His surgeon used the C-QUR product. Subsequently, plaintiff alleges, he suffered injury.

Although the recent Florida Record article reporting the filing does not offer specific details on the man’s injury, we can make the inference based on previous claims, the type of liability asserted here and also what we know about the company’s history.  Continue reading

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