Transvaginal Mesh Injuries Most Commonly Reported

Women who suffer from transvaginal mesh injuries may be embarrassed to discuss their condition with friends, loved ones, or even a medical professional. Victims may even postpone going to the doctor because they are waiting for symptoms to improve. However, if you or someone you love has suffered a transvaginal mesh injury, you know how severe the consequences can be. You also know that sustained injuries can significantly impact the quality of life for victims. Transvaginal mesh injuries are very severe and hundreds of thousands of women have suffered after having a vaginal mesh implant.


Once considered awkward and personal problems, these injuries are now becoming increasingly common medical conditions for women who have had a vaginal mesh implant. Our transvaginal mesh injury attorneys are experienced in representing women who have suffered pain, complications, and dangerous injuries resulting from transvaginal mesh. For victims the consequences of a transvaginal mesh injury are not only painful and life-altering, they can also be deadly.

Victims may suffer a range of complications and medical conditions. Here are the most common and potentially deadly injuries associated with transvaginal mesh implants:

Mesh Contraction: Many women have suffered from vaginal mesh contraction after surgery. This can result in severe pain during sex caused by vaginal shortening and tightening. Contraction is well-documented and usually occurs within 2 months of transvaginal mesh implantation.

Erosion. Erosion can cause a range of injuries to the bowel, bladder, and other pelvic structures. This complication can cause blood in urine, severe UTI (urinary tract infection) and fistula (when urine drains into bladder). According to an analysis which followed up on 12,000 women who had transvaginal mesh implants, 10 percent reported vaginal mesh erosion within 1 year of surgery.

Perforation of pelvic organs including bowel or bladder. Perforations result in extreme and severe pain for patients. It can also be toxic if food, feces, and intenstinal acids begin to leak into the blood stream. For women who have suffered perforation, immediate surgery is necessary to prevent further damage, infection, and fatality. The perforation of the bladder can also be fatal. Symptoms may include blood in urine, bloating, and pain in the abdominal area.

Hemorrhaging. One of the most serious complications associated with transvaginal mesh injury is massive blood loss caused by hemorrhage. Victims must seek immediate medical attention to stop the bleeding. Women who have suffered hemorrhaging related to transvaginal mesh injuries may need a blood transfusions and other long-term care solutions.

Women who have suffered from pelvic injuries related to transvaginal mesh know that these are not simply slight, embarrassing problems. The medical conditions are severe, painful, and could ultimately lead to wrongful death. Victims who suffer from injuries related to transvaginal mesh implants may be entitled to significant compensation. It is important to take action and contact an experienced advocate as soon as possible. Collecting medical documentation and filing a claim as soon as possible can ensure that records are maintained and claims are filed properly. Timely and effective filing will increase opportunities to recover your rightful compensation.

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