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Stress Urinary Incontinence is a disease that causes pain, discomfort, and embarrassment to thousands of women in the United States each year. There are a variety of things than can lead to this condition, including childbirth, being overweight, and aging. The pelvic muscles become weak and urethral sphincter no longer functions properly. When this happens, the patient will often urinate without warning whenever there is pressure applied to the abdomen. This pressure can cause by sneezing, coughing, lifting, running, or a multitude of other normal everyday activities.

texture-072-1142165-mDoctors have some non-surgical methods to treat stress urinary incontinence, but they are generally not effective, and surgery is normally the option of choice. Surgery involves implanting a sling that holds surgical mesh in a manner that supports the urethra. It is important the mesh, which is actually a form of surgical tape, is tension free, so that is the reason the sling is used, rather than attaching the mesh directly to the area in need of support. Continue reading

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