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We have been hearing a lot about led poisoning in connection with the environmental disaster and public health crisis in Flint, Michigan as result of the poisoned water supply that has been discovered. However, Flint is not the only place where lead is a problem.  In some cases, lead poisoning can be a result of contaminated water, and in other cases, it can be the result of a defective or dangerous product that contains lead or lead-based paint.

old-brush-1389549-mWhile lead poisoning can harm individuals of any age, children are often the most a risk.  The reason for this is because the lead particles enter a patient’s bloodstream at a young age when the brain and nervous system is still being developed, and this can result in serious developmental disorders and learning disorders.  A recent article from The Atlantic deals with this issue.  In that article, the lead poisoning is a result of a potential case of widespread lead contamination in Newark, New Jersey schools. Continue reading

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