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There has recently been a lot of attention in the media paid to the growing problem with opioid addiction in the nation.  We have seen thousands of deaths from accidental overdoses of narcotic painkillers, and the problem is only getting worse, with patients getting access to more and more powerful drugs.

perscription-drugs-2-1160103-m-300x225Recently, it has been reported that singer Prince died as result of an accidental overdose of Fentanyl.   Fentanyl is one of the most powerful opioid painkillers on the market and is typically used for patients with advanced stage cancer and things like bone pain.  This particular narcotic is far more potent and dangerous than heroin. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from Fox News, doctors are now able to perform a total hip replacement procedure as an outpatient surgery where the patient gets to leave the hospital on the same day.  The article follows the journey of a male patient who elected to undergo a this outpatient total hip replacement.

hip implantThis patient found his hip was getting worse as the years went by and he could no longer walk without being in extreme pain, tie his shoes, or do many other things he normally did before his hip had deteriorated.  People at work also asked why he was limping so much, and that is when he decided to undergo the operation.  Continue reading

A defective hip replacement implant can lead to serious problems for an unsuspecting patient. Many of these devices have been shown to fail completely, become loose and cause pain and discomfort, and even release shards of metal into the patient’s bloodstream, causing a form of blood poisoning known as metalosis.

hospital-room-449234-mThese defective hip implants have led to the need for second or even third surgeries and extended painful recovery periods with time missed from work and away from home and family. These defective hip devices have also been the basis for many personal injury lawsuits. Continue reading

Hip replacement surgery operations were once reserved for elderly patients who could no longer walk and those with a traumatic injury to the hip joint. These days, hundreds of thousands of total hip replacement procedures are being performed each year, and the trend seems to be increasing every year. Doctors are performing the surgery on younger patients who have developed arthritis from sports injuries and normal wear and tear. With more an more people engaging in activities like long distance running, including running marathons, it is no wonder we are seeing higher rates of joint disease.   While running may keep you get in shape, it can be very hard on your joints.

hospital-room-449234-mMost doctors who perform these procedures are well-trained and competent surgeons who properly advise a patient of the risks and then perform as close to perfect a total hip replacement as possible. While there is going to a be a lot of pain and discomfort and a long recovery period, most patients end up very happy with the results. Continue reading

There has been a lot of coverage about injuries and medical treatments on the roster of the Dallas Cowboys. The team suffered two significant losses to injury when wide receiver Dez Bryant broke his foot and quarterback Tony Romo broke his clavicle (collarbone). The team is left with downfield problems and Bradon Weeden as the quarterback.   While New England Patriots fans might not care too much, this is obviously not a position any preseason Super Bowl hopeful wanted to find itself in.

footballIn addition to the players on the roster, long-time Cowboys owner, Jerry Brown also underwent some significant medical procedures right before the season started. According to a recent report from NBC Sports, Jones had two hips replaced in a six-week period this summer. Continue reading

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