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Defective artificial hip implants are a major problem in the U.S. and the issue is only becoming more exacerbated as million more Americans are seeking artificial hip surgery.  It has become one of the top surgical procedures in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of artificial hips implanted each year. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in one recent year alone there were 310,000 artificial hips implanted. This number is expected to rise in years to come with more younger patients choosing to undergo the procedure so they can attempt to lead a more active life.

defective hip implants Boston While none of these artificial hips will last forever, some are failing far sooner than promised, in some cases with serious or dangerous side effects. We have seen far too many cases where medical device manufacturers are rushing a product to market to make money when they knew or should have known the device was faulty. This is the reason for so many defective artificial hip implant lawsuits in Boston and across the nation each year. Continue reading

Despite the numerous claims of great benefits from medical device manufacturers (including DePuy, now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), it has become quite clear the metal-on-metal hip implant does not work as advertised. These metal on metal hip implants were designed to be smoother than implants made of traditional materials, but in reality, there were various problems with these implants that resulted in tremendous amounts of pain and suffering and eventually a total device failure in some cases.

Boston Products LiabilityThe DePuy Pinnacle or DePuy ASR hip implant has been the focus of many lawsuits as it controlled a lot of the hip implant market share, but it was not the only metal on metal hip on the market.  Continue reading

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