Social Media Campaign Blasts J & J for Transvaginal Mesh Lies

A new social media campaign, a.k.a. Johnson and Johnson Hurts Women, is blasting the manufacturer for lies that have resulted in serious injuries and harm caused by transvaginal mesh products. The website calls for contributors to demand an investigation against the company and to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable for the reckless conduct that injured thousands of women nationwide. According to the campaign, Johnson and Johnson continues to put profits over safety in the marketing and distribution of transvaginal mesh products.

Organizers of the website are asking employees to be whistleblowers and for investors to divest. It is also calling for supporters to sign a petition for the Attorney General, Eric Holder. Our Boston transvaginal mesh attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of individuals who have suffered harm because of dangerous or defective products. We are committed to safety and health and urge any women who have suffered from transvaginal mesh injuries to step forward and take action against negligent products manufacturers.

A non-profit advocacy group known as the Corporate Action Network has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice against Johnson & Johnson and executives for destroying critical evidence and documents in prior lawsuits. According to advocates for the group, over 20,000 women have already been seriously injured by the pelvic mesh implants. The campaign is an attempt to disseminate critical information to the public, raise awareness, and help provide advocacy to women who have suffered from pelvic mesh.

In addition to holding executives accountable, the organization is calling out corporate misdeeds and has experience already taking on Walmart and Wall Street on behalf of consumers and employees. The goal is to put an end to the dangerous marketing strategies that continue to put women at risk. While the campaign focuses on transvaginal mesh, the organization is also calling out other medical device companies that have manufactured hip implants.

Women have already been successful in bringing lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson, including a woman in South Dakota who was awarded $3.35 million for a subsidiary company’s failure to warn. The victim had to seek emergency medical treatment and had to undergo 18 operations to repair the damage that had been caused by the transvaginal mesh. In another case, a Texas jury awarded $1.2 million to a woman who alleged that the product had a defective design. Currently, there are thousands of vaginal mesh cases pending nationwide against Johnson and Johnson as well as other manufacturers who continue to market the dangerous products.

Researchers say that 15% of patients who participated in the clinical trial experienced dangerous erosion and other complications. When a patient experienced erosion, they also suffered from skin splitting, protrusions caused by mesh, and dangerous infections. For the women who have suffered from complications and advocates, the anger of the new campaign is properly directed at Johnson & Johnson. Supporters of the campaign can visit the website and sign the petition. Victims of transvaginal mesh injuries should consult with an experienced advocate to explore their rights and legal options.

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