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There are a variety of different methods orthopedic surgeons can use to perform a total hip replacement surgery.  Doctors can use 3D mapping techniques, surgical assistance robots, or they can also use more traditional methods, such as using a cutting guide and placing the artificial hip implant in by hand.

Hip Replacement Injury LawOne of the questions often asked is whether it matters what surgical approach a doctor uses. This is the focus of a recent news article from Inspire Heath. The orthopedic surgeon who authored this article said he deals with prospective hip replacement patients on a daily basis. This should come as no surprise with hundreds of thousands of procedures being performed each year. Continue reading

Total knee replacement operations are the most popular elective surgical procedure in the U.S.  There are over 600,000  performed each year. While this is an incredible number, the next most popular elective surgical procedure is the total hip replacement.  These involve more than 300,000 operations annually. That figure is expected to grow in the years to come at a high rate.

One of the reasons we are seeing more operations is because younger patients are more willing to have a total joint replacement because they are tired of chronic pain and the surgery. More importantly, the recovery time is much better and easier to deal with than it was in years past.

A major reason for that is because of advances in technology. hip replacement lawyer Continue reading

While the WWE tried to hide this fact to an extent back when it was the WWF, these days, the vast majority of wrestling fans and the general public now know that wrestling is staged and the winners are predetermined. This is why it is classified as sports entertainment and not a true sporting event.xray

However, while the moves are designed in such as way so as not inflict actual pain, it is still very much possible to get injured while participating in a pro wrestling match.  Even if a wrestler does not suffer and acute injury, years in the ring can take its toll on the wrestler, and bone spurs and arthritis can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson is company many consumers associate with baby shampoo and Band-Aids.  While it is true  the company makes these products, the firm’s real profits come from the fact that it is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer as well as major maker of medical devices and durable medical equipment (DME), such as artificial hips and knee implants.

surgeonThe company owns another company known as DePuy, and that company is a major producer of hip joints, including many that have been found to be defective. According to a news article from Fox News, a jury in Dallas has just awarded victims of the Pinnacle hip implant over $1 billion in damages. Continue reading

According to, a trade publication for the 3D printing industry, a new technology may improve the patient experience for those who undergo a total hip replacement surgery.  This could be good news for many patients, since a total hip replacement procedure in now the second most common elective surgical procedure performed in the United States at around 300,000 procedures performed each year.

surgery1This new technology is being developed at McGill University, where researchers are using a 3D printer to create a new type of hip replacement medical device.  This new device is designed make the body act as if the hip implant was part of the natural bone, so as not to trigger any type of rejection process.  This will also reduce the need for any antirejection drugs. Continue reading

In the past couple of decades, total knee and total hip replacement surgeries have become the two most common surgical procedures in the United States, with more than 600,000 operations and more than 300,000 operations respectively being performed each year.  One of the reasons for the increase in the number of patients having a total joint replacement is that more young people are choosing to undergo procedures.

surgery1There are a variety of reasons more young people are choosing to having a total hip or total knee replacement.   In years past, these operations were primarily for the elderly, because, when someone can no longer stay mobile, there tends to be a significant reduction in both quality of life and the years a person will live.  However, a traditional artificial hip is rated to last between 10 and 20 years on the high end, so if they give the implant to a younger person, they will likely need a second or even third operation at some point in their lives. Continue reading

In this heated presidential election season, we are hearing about a lot of healthcare issues in terms of insurance and whether there should be a universal healthcare system or private insurance. One of the issues that is brought up from time to time has to do with the fact that Americans seem to pay more for drugs and medical procedures than people in other countries.

surgery1According to a recent news feature from Family Practice News, a trade publication for primary care physicians, having a total knee or total hip replacement surgery in the United States costs more on average than it does in a group of six other countries in the industrial world. The price was higher in the U.S. by a long shot.  For example, the average price of a total hip replacement in the U.S. was $29,000 as compared to the same procedure in Switzerland at just over $20,000, and this was the next most expensive country in the group of six selected as part of the study.  Continue reading

A recent article from NBC News takes a look at one new hip replacement procedure now being used and the history of advancements in hip replacement surgery in general. These days, a total hip replacement has become the second most common surgical procedure in the U.S., with the first being a total knee replacement.  Each year, more than 300,000 hip replacements are performed in the U.S. alone.

surgery1If you went to get a total hip replacement around 20 years ago, you would expect to be spending around two weeks in an an inpatient rehab center following surgery.  During this time, a therapist would help you out of bed using lifts and then help you get to an exercise room where you would be told to perform a series of exercises each day.  There are two main reasons for this: The first reason is that if a patient was in bed the whole time, he or she would be a high risk for developing a serious and potentially deadly clotting disorder known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Continue reading

Many people think of getting a total hip replacement operation as something that for the most part, only elderly people have to worry about.  While it is true that some younger people break one or both hips in a catastrophic accident, in years past, it is true that most patients in the United States getting a total hip replacement operation were generally older people.

untitled-1019029-mHowever, as discussed in a recent news feature from Page Six, Lara Spencer, who is a co-anchor on ABC’s flagship morning program “Good Morning America,” needed a hip replacement at the relatively young age of 47 and decided to talk about her medical issues with the audience. She first told the audience, when she first was told she needed to have the operation, she chose not to do anything or tell anyone.  The reason was that she believed this was an “old person’s problem,” and she couldn’t believe it was happening to her.  Continue reading

In total hip replacement surgery, the deteriorated natural hip joint is cut out and site is prepared to receive the artificial hip joint.  The site must be prepared very precisely so as not to allow for any unnecessary movement of the artificial hip joint.

surgery1If the hip joint is not placed exactly as required, it can move from side to side or otherwise rock in place and this can result in device failure.  While the vast majority of surgeons are good at what they do and would never incorrectly implant an artificial hip device, it does happen.  Continue reading

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