FDA Requests Reports on Defective Tobacco Products

Officials with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently unveiled a new online tool to let consumers report problems with any tobacco products. The Safety Reporting Portal (SRP) has been updated and now contains a new category for tobacco products. Under the update, health care professionals and consumers are provided with a standardized way to inform the FDA of suspected health or safety issues regarding tobacco products, according to Convenience Store News. Before this tool, people could only report these kinds of products to the FDA by using MedWatch, which does not ask questions specific to tobacco products.
There is no known safe tobacco product, but FDA can play a role in helping prevent certain unexpected health consequences from tobacco products, such as those that occur from defective tobacco products, or health or safety problems beyond those normally associated with tobacco product use, according to the FDA’s Ii-Lun Chen, M.D.

Our defective products lawyers understand that consumers should always report products that have been contaminated, defective or damaged. You can report products that don’t seem to smell or taste right. You could wind up uncovering something much more dangerous.

According to the FDA, a cigarette that causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, kidney cancer, or leukemia is not defective. Those are cigarettes which are working the way they are supposed to work.

The FDA also wants to know if users have experienced any kind of odd safety or health problems and feel that this may have been caused by a particular tobacco product. If you’ve had an incident of fire that you believed was caused by a tobacco product, report it. These kinds of fires run the risk of injuries, burns, allergic reactions, unusual reactions and even poisonings.

To Report:

-Tobacco for Rolling
-Electronic Cigarettes
-Smokeless Tobacco
-Any Other Product Using Tobacco
After receiving these reports, officials with the FDA will use the information to build a new regulation program to help to make sure that all products fall under a comprehensive regulatory system.

Defective product class action lawsuits can severely damage a company, but can also provide financial relief to victims of defective products. This relief, called “damages,” will usually start by covering the victim’s medical expenses, but may also compensate for things like lost work and emotional hardship. Defective products lawyers are equipped to handle both class action and individual lawsuits.

Cases against a tobacco company are extremely difficult. The tobacco industry is large, has lots of resources, will fight claimants at every turn and will appeal pretrial rulings as well as the final judgment in any successfully tried case.

Our Boston personal injury attorneys can step up to the plate when a consumer is injured or made ill by a product that is thought to have a defect.

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