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There are many drugs and other medical products on the market that we assume are safe.  The problem is that much of the research that “proves” a product’s safety actually comes from drug companies with a financial stake.  Long-term, independent studies on the safety of these medications are often sorely lacking. That’s why in so many cases, the truth of a medication’s side effects doesn’t become known until it is widely distributed to the general public.

However, there are some cases in which product manufacturers are aware or should have been aware their product failed to meet key safety standards.

Product Liability LawyerIf a pharmaceutical company knows or has reason to know of a defect in their products and either hides the results of tests performed, or chooses to be willfully-blind of a potential averse event (side effect) due to failure to conduct adequate testing, this can be the basis for filing a Boston defective drug lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.  Continue reading

A recent article from INSC Magazine analyzes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) drugs and what has happened with them over the last couple of decades. This is important because most of the information men get about the testosterone replacement hormone products comes commercials and magazine advertisements. Much of this promotional material seriously downplays the very real risks associated with taking testosterone hormone in an attempt to reverse the normal signs of male aging.

surgeryAs the article notes, very much is still misunderstood about what it means to have a low testosterone level and whether men who have these lower than average testosterone levels should be taking testosterone replacement therapy products.  The reason we are using the term products here is because that is what they really are.  The drug companies have manufactured testosterone replacement therapy drugs in many forms, such as pills, injections, sublingual films, stick deodorant, skin creams, hand gels and many more market-driven drug delivery devices. Continue reading

There is a pretty excellent chance that if you are a man between the ages of 40 and 70, you have probably been told by many commercials about the benefits of going on testosterone replacement therapy hormone. You may not have heard of it from your doctor, because most doctors do not appear convinced about the necessity or efficacy of testosterone therapy.  It is the drug companies and so-called T clinics that are pushing the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) hormone.

sadThe reason drug companies and TRT clinics are pushing testosterone hormone is fairly simple in that it is making them a lot of money.  They are also doing an excellent job of convincing men who are gaining weight, getting tired, losing muscle tone, and having a loss of libido, that these can all be problems of the past if they take testosterone replacement hormone drugs. Continue reading

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