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According to recent news release from the Today Show, long-time anchor and television personality Al Roker is recovering from his most recent total knee replacement operation. Roker says he is doing great and will stay in the recovery center until he is cleared to go home by his physical therapy team.  Footage of Roker moving around with the assistance of a walker was included in the release by the show.

tv-camera-1517392Roker also discussed how this was not the first time he had undergone knee surgery.  Around 15 years ago, he had a total knee replacement performed on his other knee after being involved in a car accident, and from general wear and tear on his knee due to being overweight most of his life.  He is, of course, much thinner now after his successful bariatric surgery.  He said that technology has come a long way since his first total knee replacement procedure, and this time, he was up and walking around in less than a day. Continue reading

Every year, we see more advancements in medicine, including development of newer high-tech medical devices like those used in knee replacement surgery. According to a recent news feature form ABC 6, a new device works much “like a GPS” during total knee replacement surgery to help align a new artificial joint.

medical-instruments-3-1033916-mProper and secure alignment is essential in the long-term success of a total knee replacement. No matter how skilled a surgeon may be, if the artificial knee joint or the surgical cutting guide has been defectively designed, as we have seen in many cases, there is significant risk the knee will not be aligned properly. Even if proper alignment is established during surgery, manufacturing defects can cause the knee joint to shift out of alignment.   An artificial knee out of alignment can lead to significant pain and suffering and failure of the device. Continue reading

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