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There is a good chance that most men who are 40 years of age or older have been told about the benefits of taking testosterone replacement therapy. They did not likely hear this from a doctor, but rather from the many TV commercials during sporting events, Internet pop-ups and magazine advertisements.

syringeIn fact, you probably did not hear about the benefits of testosterone hormone from your doctor unless you are over 70 years of age, because doctors are not sure what it means to have low testosterone. While this may sound strange, there is not even a medically approved consensus on what a normal testosterone level is. Continue reading

A recent article from INSC Magazine analyzes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) drugs and what has happened with them over the last couple of decades. This is important because most of the information men get about the testosterone replacement hormone products comes commercials and magazine advertisements. Much of this promotional material seriously downplays the very real risks associated with taking testosterone hormone in an attempt to reverse the normal signs of male aging.

surgeryAs the article notes, very much is still misunderstood about what it means to have a low testosterone level and whether men who have these lower than average testosterone levels should be taking testosterone replacement therapy products.  The reason we are using the term products here is because that is what they really are.  The drug companies have manufactured testosterone replacement therapy drugs in many forms, such as pills, injections, sublingual films, stick deodorant, skin creams, hand gels and many more market-driven drug delivery devices. Continue reading

There is a pretty excellent chance that if you are a man between the ages of 40 and 70, you have probably been told by many commercials about the benefits of going on testosterone replacement therapy hormone. You may not have heard of it from your doctor, because most doctors do not appear convinced about the necessity or efficacy of testosterone therapy.  It is the drug companies and so-called T clinics that are pushing the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) hormone.

sadThe reason drug companies and TRT clinics are pushing testosterone hormone is fairly simple in that it is making them a lot of money.  They are also doing an excellent job of convincing men who are gaining weight, getting tired, losing muscle tone, and having a loss of libido, that these can all be problems of the past if they take testosterone replacement hormone drugs. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the Roanoke Times, doctors are concerned about the efficacy, safety, necessity and side effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) drugs for many of the men who take them.

sadFirst it should be noted that testosterone replacement therapy has become big business over the past decade, and the hormone is available in many forms, including, but not limited to, hand gels, creams, oral tablets, injections, films placed under the tongue, and even deodorant.  This article involves a woman whose husband takes testosterone hormone in the form of a skin gel, and she is worried that not only isn’t the drug helping her husband, but also it puts him in a bad mood all the time.  A doctor consulted for this article discusses how this could be happening and discusses other issues with taking testosterone replacement therapy drugs. Continue reading

A recent news article from Fox News Health discusses several factors they believe every man should know before he decides to take testosterone replacement therapy hormone. The article begins with the story of one patient to who went to his doctor complaining of what doctors generally consider the normal symptoms of the male aging process.

woman in hospitalThis patient was having trouble getting and maintaining an erection, and this was causing him understandable frustration.  In fact, this is one of the main focuses of the abundance of testosterone replacement ads put in magazines and on television by the pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading

According to a recent article from Science Daily, a 12-week exercise program has been shown to significantly increase testosterone levels in men who are obese or overweight.  Those who exercised more vigorously showed an even higher percentage in testosterone level increase than those who only exercised modestly during that 12-month period. These results are based on a study that was presented at the Biology of Exercise 7 meeting in Arizona.

greenpillsThis is good news, though it might not be welcomed news to the drug companies that make testosterone replacement hormone drugs.  As we are told on the many commercials and magazine ads, men will experience lower testosterone or “T” levels, as they have coined, as they get older.  This is part of the normal male aging process, and the “symptoms” of normal male aging are gaining weight, loss of libido, fatigue, mild depression, loss of muscle tone, and other similar similar symptoms. Continue reading

Over the past decade, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of men taking testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) drugs.  These drugs were originally developed for treatment of a relatively rare medical condition known as hypogonadism. That is the condition for which these drugs were approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1970s.

monitorHowever’ that’s apparently not the reason hundreds of thousands of men are taking these drugs. The real reason these men have been taking TRT medicaitons is because of the many television commercials and magazine ads that tell us that taking testosterone supplements will help with all of the “symptoms” of normal male aging. This includes lowered libido, weight gain, fatigue, mild depression, loss of muscle tone and so on.  The FDA has not approved the drug for this use, and doctors and researchers have not seen that taking testosterone will actually help “treat” any of these conditions. Continue reading

According to a recent article from Military Times, the United States Department of Defense (DOD) is testing whether giving soldiers testosterone hormone can help them in terms of strength and mental acuity during extended deployments in a combat theater. While soldiers have look joked that the military was secretly putting testosterone in their food, this is an actual publicly announced study.

test-tubes-1-1416029-mOne of the problems faced by soldiers on long deployments and field operations, among many, is that they are not able to eat normal meals on a regular basis.  They are regularly forced to skip meals and survive on meals ready to eat (MREs). This results in them eating an average of 60 percent less calories than they actually require on a daily basis.   Continue reading

For the past decade, it has been impossible to read Sports Illustrated or ESPN without being told about the benefits of testosterone. The drug companies have claimed that taking testosterone replacement therapy can help increase cardiovascular function, increase one’s libido, boost energy, cure minor depression, curb weight gain and basically make aging men feel like they did in their 20s.

syringes-and-vial-1028452-mAs discussed in a recent news article from UPI, the first actual clinical trials are not demonstrating these benefits claimed by drug companies. This is not surprising, since the claims were not supported by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has testosterone replacement hormone been approved to treat people for what drug companies are calling “low t.”  However, the reason they are able to prescribe testosterone, which comes in pills, deodorant, gels, skin creams, sublingual patches, and a variety of other delivery methods, is because they are able to take advantage of a loophole in FDA regulations that allows for what is known as off-label use. Continue reading

A recent news feature from the Post-Bulletin involves a question and answer session between a prospective testosterone replacement patient and a doctor at the Mayo Clinic.  This patient states that he is nearly 60 years old and has noticed that he no longer has the same energy to do things as when he was younger.  He goes on to say that when doing things like yard work or bike riding, he gets tired much faster than he did when he was younger.

untitled-1238929-mWhile we used to think of this as one of the normal things that happens as humans age, as this prospective patient mentioned, he has seen tons of ads that tell him that if he takes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) hormone, he will no longer be bothered by these “symptoms,” as they are now called by the drug companies.  He also stated he has a lower sex drive than he did when he was younger and wants to know if testosterone replacement hormone can help with this as well. Continue reading

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