Boston Injuries Due to Defective Products This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when many new products come into the home. From Christmas décor to gifts that you purchase for loved ones, dozens of new items are likely to begin receiving regular use at this time of year. Unfortunately, when you bring in these new products, there is a risk that you could inadvertently end up bringing in an item that turns out to be dangerous. shopping-mall-1438857

Manufacturers have an obligation to make sure that all products released to consumers are reasonably safe and function as the manufacturer promised they would. Sometimes, however, inadequate testing, poor design, or other manufacturer failures mean products end up on shelves despite the fact the products are harmful.

Manufacturers can be held strictly liable for any injuries resulting from product defects, regardless of negligence. Still, consumers want to avoid injuries and fatalities due to defective products so a holiday gift does not lead to tragedy. This means making sure you shop carefully and keep up-to-date on recalls so you do not endanger yourself or your loved ones.

Tips for Preventing Boston Injuries Due to Defective Products This Holiday Season

While it is up to manufacturers to keep consumers safe by avoiding releasing unsafe products (and by providing warnings of product risks), there are some things consumers can also do to try to reduce the chances a product they buy will cause a problem. Some tips for the prevention of defective product injuries during this holiday season include:

  • Keeping up with news of recalls. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides recall information for most types of consumer products. For consumable products, the Food and Drug Administration will usually provide recall information. For vehicle products including cars and car seats, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration manages recalls.
  • Registering products that you buy. While you should periodically check recall websites yourself, you may miss important news about a product if you do not check frequently enough. By registering products that you purchase, you let the manufacturer know where to find you so they can send you prompt notifications if it turns out their product is dangerous. If you are hurt by a product and you learn of a recall, you can use information about the recall to help you bring a Massachusetts defective product case.
  • Paying attention to the origin of products you purchase. While there are safeguards in place on imported products, there are concerns about whether safety standards are always followed on items coming from foreign markets. Be sure you consider where a product comes from as you make an assessment of whether to bring the product into your home.
  • Paying attention to product warnings. If a product label alerts you to a particular hazard, be sure you follow guidelines for staying safe. If a product suggests it is only for use by people over a certain age, you should also take care to keep the new product out of reach of curious children in your home.

By making safe shopping choices in relation to the products you bring into your home this holiday season, hopefully you can avoid illnesses or injuries and simply enjoy the gifts and presents you buy and receive.

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