New Theory on How Testosterone Levels Can Be Responsible for Male Aggression

While it has been well established that testosterone levels can lead to aggressive behaviors in males, according to a recent article in Medical News Today, there is a specific neural receptor that is affected by the hormone in a way that causes male aggression.

syringes-and-vial-1028452-m.jpgResearchers in Canada performed a study on a group of 16 male volunteer patients. The patients were given a test to perform, and their results were tracked. The participants were then given either a placebo or testosterone. All participants were given a drug to lower their testosterone levels, so that there would be a common baseline for researchers to analyze without having to take into account the varying natural testosterone levels of the subjects.

Over the two days of testing, the subjects were monitored with MRI machines. The males who had higher testosterone levels were noted as making more angry and frustrated facial expressions as compared to participants on the placebo. The specific brain areas identified on the MRI were the amygdala, hypothalamus and periaqueductal grey.

Researchers noted that the research involved a small group of subjects and all participants were of a similar age. They need additional research and funding to solidify their results.

As your Boston Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) attorney can explain, this is another example of how scientists only really seem to know the negative effects of raising a man’s testosterone level. We know that TRT has been associated with increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, and other serous illness, and doctors know that if you have a “Low T” count, as drug companies would say, administering TRT drugs can artificially raise levels.

What doctors don’t know is how having a higher testosterone level is helpful to the patient. Makers of TRT drugs say that Low T levels can lead to decreased libido, decreased sexual performance, loss of muscle mass, increased belly fat and many other symptoms of the normal human aging process. What studies don’t seem to show is whether taking TRT drugs and increasing your testosterone can correct any of these problems.

Hundreds of thousands men are going to doctors and T Clinics, taking TRT drugs, and facing higher risks of serious illness without knowing if the drugs really work. Meanwhile, Testosterone Replacement Therapy lawsuits are being filed across the country after patients have become ill from taking these potentially dangerous drugs.

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