A Look at Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

A recent news article from Fox News looks at a new procedure that allows doctors to perform a total hip replacement with the assistance of a robot.  While we have seen many instances where hospitals across the country are using robots to perform partial knee replacement surgeries, there are only 10 surgeons in the country who are presently certified to use this new technology.

ward1It is a robot in the sense that one might think in that it is self-controlled.  Instead, the system uses an advanced scanner that creates a 3D model of the patient’s knee joint and displays that model on a monitor used during surgery.  The surgeon then uses a robotic surgical instrument to make the cut, and controls the robot using a series of hand control levers.  The surgeon is then able to look at the monitor with the 3D model and see where he or she is cutting. The system requires doctors to place sensor devices on the patient’s foot, hip, and various parts of his or her leg.  These sensors take precise measurements that are incorporated into the 3D model, and the system can then provide direct instructions to the surgeon where the most optimal location is to make an incision.

There are several advantages to doing a surgery with this method.  Once of the major advantages is the better field of view, as blood and tissues are represented on the monitor.  The machine is also able to remain extremely still and make precision movements.  With a better field of view and the ability to negotiate in a tighter environment, the surgeon can complete the total hip replacement with a smaller incision on the outside of a patient’s knee, and with less damage to the surrounding tissue and muscle.  This means that there will be significantly less pain and suffering during the recovery, and additionally, a much faster recovery time.

While this technology will surely help patients experience less problems during the recovery following a total knee replacement surgery (assuming the technology continues to prove safe and effective), there is still a high likelihood that there will be significant problems for the patient if the artificial knee device itself was defectively designed. Our Boston knee replacement injury attorneys have seen several of the major medical device manufacturers rush dangerous medical devices onto the market to the detriment of many patients. These defectively designed knees result in complete device failure and extreme pain and suffering to total knee replacement patients, the need for second and subsequent surgical procedures, and additional damages.  These additional damages include more time lost for work.  When you miss time from work, you can speak with your knee replacement injury lawyers about filing a claim for lost wages.

While it is true that there is always a significant amount of pain and suffering associated with any total knee replacement, even a completely successful one, if there is a need to have a second surgery to replace a defectively designed knee, that additional pain and suffering during the recovery time is due to the negligence of the medical device manufacturer.

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